Hamas soldiers have recently fired rockets into Israel, targeting the city of Jerusalem. The incident has been all over western media for the past few days. The sudden offensive has apparently taken place due to the murder of Hamas military chief, Ahmed al-Jaabari, who was assassinated by Israeli forces.

What I find astounding is all the guileless, misinformed media build up and coverage this has received. Sure conflict and death should never be ignored but I think that should hold true for all sides involved.

Three innocent Israelis have been killed (which is saddening) but what of the thousands of Palestinians who have been getting slaughtered since 2007 or the 1.5 million that live in the open air prison that is the Gaza strip. Where they have been denied even the most basic of rights such as freedom of speech, healthcare, education and jobs due to the Israeli occupation and apartheid control? Are they not human? Do they not qualify? Are they racially inferior? Are they an alien threat and finally, does that justify the horrors carried out against them?

Judging by the current media uproar, it would seem the lives of those three Israelis is worth more than the whole of the Palestinian population.

I find it a little cynical and appalling to see Israel play the “all-out war” card because of the deaths of a handful of people whilst they themselves are more than happy to oppress, abuse and kill on a mass scale in the name of self-defence. What’s more they have been killing BEFORE Hamas and the Israeli deaths, DURING their control and AFTER the deaths of these Israeli civilians.

Yet the rhetoric now is all about Israel proactively killing to “defend” themselves. The irony is nauseating for they control the land, they control the resources, they control the arms, yet they are the “victims” who are just “protecting” themselves… apparently.

So instead, here in the west we brand Hamas the “militants” as if they are the cause of the problem, as if they are responsible for the turmoil, pain and death, as if they are the oppressors and as if they hold the keys to the city, so to speak. That’s not to say they should be necessarily hailed as heroes, but why jump to the conclusion that they are the problem, especially when the actions of the Israeli government have proven otherwise.

What I’m not reading anywhere is how maybe this is just the straw that broke the camel’s back? Maybe the Palestinian’s are just sick and tired of being controlled, abused and systematically deprived of their most basic rights? After all five years is a long time, especially when you factor in the regular airstrikes, murders and overt control over water, food and medical supplies.

Yet you then have the Israeli PM saying he will “take whatever action is necessary” in Gaza. How would this be any different to what they have already been doing for the past five years?

And the US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice saying:

“There is no justification for the violence that Hamas and other terrorist organisations are employing against the people of Israel,” Mrs Rice told the session.”

Pot calling Kettle black anyone? Or would that be Pot and Saucepan calling Kettle black?

We then have the White House saying “Israel Has Right to Defend Itself”. That’s great but defence normally implies protecting yourself, not instigating and inflicting disproportionate pain on innocent civilians.

Irrespective of how you look at it, I do not believe killing children is justifiable. Not to mention it’s kind of harder to point the finger at a two year old, claiming they are an “Hamas insurgent”…who without a shadow of a doubt needs to be killed? This begs the question, are the people being killed really insurgents as is reported or just normal civilians like me and you who are just sick and tired of being abused, bullied and controlled?

Alex Selsky, the Israeli PM’s advisor has already made clear that “there are no children hurt by the IDF” and that “we target only terrorists”.

Maybe he needs to look at thisthis or this. In fact a quick Google images search for “gaza children killed” brings up a horrific number of brutal killings where innocent children have been butchered by the Israeli regime.

What’s more, the sad truth is, this has been going on since the occupation started in 2007. Even during these recent air strikes(15/11/12) the 11 month old baby of BBC Arabic correspondent, Jihad Misharawi was killed in these attacks that only, ahem “target terrorists”.

Yet the corruption spreads further. The “on the fence” approach our western governments take when it comes to the war crimes of Israel is also disconcerting.

We pick and choose as and when we intervene irrespective of the brutality and oppression carried out by our friends yet we then hold the position that we are this beacon of peace striving to make the world a better place. With our weaponry, politics, war games and support for dictators.

Yet in reality it seems we get involved based on our interests and benefits, yes I’m looking at you LFI (Labour, Friends of Israel) or CFI (Conservative Friends of Israel).

Strange how we have in the past attacked and crushed countries based on assumptions yet when there is real hard evidence of mass murder, oppression, human rights abuses and war crimes we complacently sit back and are more than happy to brush this off as an issue that needs to be mediated and remedied by the local middle eastern countries. We would jump in “glock first” if this was the Iranians killing on such a scale. Then again I guess we’d attack them for breathing to loud.

So I guess in comparison those three Israeli deaths don’t seem so “extreme” or “unjustified”, in fact they seem rather placid. That’s not to say they should be ignored, just that there is no smoke without fire, and it seems Israel really is a master arsonist. The saddest part is, because of the plotting of a few sat safe and sound behind their desks, scores of innocent people die on all sides.